Education and training of specialists and human resources in advanced biostatistics and bioinformatics


Greetings from the KCCR Director

Kanagawa Center for Clinical Research & Strategy (KCCR) aims to establish itself as a center with functionalities to consult, support, and educate talent for clinical research of potential regenerative and innovative medical products. KCCR was created as an effort from the Kanagawa prefecture in implementing “Healthcare New Frontier”. KCCR will operate as an “open lab”, considering the importance of collaboration among domestic and international pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

In 2017, incorporating the overseas network, KCCR is planning seminars and lectures to foster researchers who are interested in biostatistics, epidemiology, and other fields of public health.  As a preliminary session, KCCR will offer a short overview course taught in English followed by a discussion session in Japanese. After the lecture, guest lecturers from various professional fields will present and interact with the students. KCCR is also planning remote learning programs on innovative pharmaceutical development.

Kanagawa Center for Clinical Research & Strategy (KCCR)


Masahiro Takeuchi, Sc.D., M.P.H.

Kanagawa Center for Clinical Research and Strategy